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Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Press lubrication

WOERNER is one of the leading manufacturers of oil-centralised lubrication systems in press technology and its peripheral equipment. Progressive systems coupled with throttle systems have proved to be the accepted standard as they ensure a high level of metering accuracy at the same time enabling the lubrication points to be monitored.

These systems are primarily used in presses for OEMs as well as their suppliers in the automotive industry. The acceptance lists of our products for the automotive industry can be accessed in the Download area below.


  • Lubrication of Decoiler

  • Oil/Grease Lubrication of Straightener & washer

  • Lubrication of Blanking Line

  • Servomotor Lubrication

  • Grease Lubrication of Racking System

  • Lubircation of the Scrap Conveyer Systems

  • Oil-Water emulsion Lubrication of the Scrap Baler

  • Lubrication for Pressline-Feeder / Blankloaders

  • Oil Lubrication for Servo and excentric presses

  • Oil Lubrication for Servo and excentric presses

  • Press line Feeders

  • Lubrication of Stacking System

WOERNER Products for press plants

Multi-Line Pumps
Progressive Distributor
Cartridge Pumps
Chain Lubrication
Gear Pumps
Pressure Relief Valves
Pressure Switches

Lubrication of automation systems

Automation systems are used in many sectors of automotive production, including chassis, exhaust system, gearbox and engine production, as well as in paint shops, bearing systems and final assembly. Many processes on production lines are now automated to achieve continuous improvement. This improves and standardises product quality and also increases operational safety and productivity, with a positive effect on production costs as well.

The automation of production plants leads to increased use of transfer and transport units within the production lines. Drives, rack and pinion connections or guide rails with associated car are usually the main component of these units.

All these components require optimised and reliable lubrication to ensure their correct operation. We offer a range of different lubrication systems for these applications. Please get in touch with us using the Contact form to enquire about a lubrication system tailored to your application. We can supply the optimum solution for your application with our knowledge, expertise and experience in automation technology.

  • Lubrication of Welding systems - Robots

  • Chain & Bearing Lubrication for Paint-Spray Line

  • Grease Metering Systems for Assembly Work Station

  • Lubrication of Welding systems - Robots

  • Lubrication for Lifts & Storage Systems

  • Pinion Lubrication of Lifts & Right Angle Decks

  • Oil-/Grease Lubrication for Conveying System

WOERNER Products for handling systems

Cartridge Pumps
Multi-Line Pumps
Progressive Distributor
Metering Pumps

Application area chipping production

The video gives an insight into the products and solutions WOERNER can offer in the chipping area production. These include, above all, single-line lubrication systems, oil-air lubrication systems, also called OL lubrication systems, compact cartridge pumps for single and multi-point lubrication as well as chain lubrication and level switches for media with solid content.

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