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New Products

New Products

GMK-A approved by VW

Use our GMK series for your lubrication needs.
Ideal for the lubrication of linear guides, screw drives, chain drives, robot systems and much more. Or simply ...

Pump aggregate GMO-A

Our new pump combines several advantages in one. The all-in-one package!
The GMO-A is driven by a gear motor flanged to the pump housing from below.
A specially designed ...

Optical level control for drum pumps

Simple retrofitting of existing systems:
level control for the optical or electronic display of the liquid level of oil drums. Avoid costly ...

Geared flow control - KUZ-XH

This geared flow control monitors the volumetric flow with a high level of measuring accuracy, independent of the viscosity. The recommended application range is for medium pressure up to ...

Orifice holder - ZUK-A

Orifice holder for simple limiting of the volumetric flow. It can be screwed directly into the inlet of the progressive distributor with a G ¼ connector. ...

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