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Pulp & Paper Industry

Pulp & Paper Industry

Pulp & Paper Industry

The demand on today’s high-performance paper machine are placing ever-greater demands on the use of centralised lubrication systems. WOERNER is your expert partner as an experienced supplier of oil circulation systems and associated oil distribution systems for dry, wet and press parts, as well as gearbox lubrication.

The use of lubrication systems is not just restricted to the paper machines themselves, but also affects upstream and downstream trades: from the wood yard to pulp production and processing, paper machines and calenders, to cross-cutters and packaging machines, naturally including all conveyor and transport equipment.

We will provide the optimum solution for your application with our knowledge, expertise and experience of lubrication in paper machinery.


  • Lubrication for Crane

  • Sealing Pressure Unit for Mechanical Seal

  • Lubrication for Bearing of Disperger

  • Lubrication of Bearings for transportation Systems

  • Lubrication of Conveyor Chains

  • Bearing- and Gearlubrication (Oil or Grease)

  • Lubrication of Excavator

  • Lubrication of Electrical Motors

  • Grease Lubrication for Pump Bearings

  • Bearing Lubrication for Calanders

  • Lubrication for Transport Systems

  • Lubrication of Sheeter

WOERNER Products for the Pulp & Paper Industry

Pump stations
Volume Flow Devices
Dual-Line Pumps
Dual-Line Distributors
Sealing Pressure Unit
Compact Pumps
Level- & Temperature Switches
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